Thursday, July 5, 2012


We spent the weekend in AL at my aunt and uncles cabin.  We always enjoy ourselves so much there.  

We got my sister and the boyfriend to come along this time.  (We've been before without kids and before with kids).

It was hot, but we stayed inside and played games and swam in the lake and went canoeing and kayaking and went on boats rides and read books and just had a nice quiet time.   

It was quiet for us, my sister and the boyfriend probably thought it was crazy loud with the kids. 

My sister and I had both pinned the rotisserie chicken in the crock pot recipe from pinterest so we made that.  It was good.  I thought it was a little dry.  I will make it again, but next time will add olive oil to the rub/paste instead of water to make the paste.

We also baked some corn on the cob one night which my sister had pinned.  You just leave it in the hush and bake it for 30 min at 350.  It was juicy and wonderful.  I had two okra ready and threw those in the oven too, just to see.  Not as good cooked that way.

When we got home, there were some treats in the garden.  Zucchini bread happened the next day. I sort of made my own recipe up, so I'll have to share that another time because it worked out well.


Anonymous said...

I loved looking at the photos, and I loved getting the chance to see you!

I wish that I could have stayed longer!

-Cousin Julia

Aunt Donna said...

What great pictures! Sorry it was so hot. Maybe next time, there will be more porch sitting going on... Anyway, thanks for coming down. We had a great weekend.

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