Thursday, July 19, 2012

weird stuff in the garden

All the carrot tops dried up and withered away.  When I had to water the garden, they got plenty of water, in the last two weeks, we've had rain.  I didn't realize they weren't getting any water since they were sort of protected under the porch overhang. I pulled them up and we just had these tiny stubs of carrots.  

I left one out on the table to clean up and have the kids taste.  

Either we have rabbits in the house  

or the kids couldn't wait. 

Many of the onions tops also dried up.  I don't know but it probably had something to do with my neglect.  I can't confirm that.  They are little, but still count as onions. 

This is only weird because we actually got to eat them, but we picked the rest of the corn this week.  The racoons let us get it all!  Here's one batch.  I had to pretend 'little house on the prairie' for the kids to get them to help pick.  I was Laura, Lou was Almanzo and Bee was Mary (preblindness)- who played her part very conceited bragging about her blond hair.  They were both concerned that Almanzo and Laura didn't know each other as kids, but we worked through it.

Next year, we need to plant more I guess, I only canned 3 pints and froze 2 quart bags in additional to what we ate fresh. 

The vine borers are here again.  I've lost most of the yellow squash and zucchini plants.  I think I've down to one of each, that's from 6 each.  There is still an acorn squash plant that seems undisturbed though.  We'll wait and see. I did get this weird squash zucchini combo on a zucchini plant.  It tasted fine, it just looked a little weird.  

 It made some nice zucchini bread. This loaf got delivered to a friend.  I used some of those leftover cupcake wrappers from Bee's party to add some color. 

 With typing this, now all I can think about is zucchini bread.  Thank goodness the folk at the grocery store are better at growing zucchini than I am and I can get some there today. 

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