Sunday, July 29, 2012

The Indian costume

 Lou is persistent.  He's strong willed and stubborn.  When he gets something in his little mind, he will not drop it.  It's a skill that hopefully he can hone and use as a strength someday.  That's the way it was with this Indian costume; he asked and asked and begged and begged until he got it.   He even pulled the fabric from my shelves and brought it to me saying he would stand by the sewing machine until I was ready.

(He's been hunting bears, that's what his 'sign' is telling us)

The pants are  just a basic elastic waist pant.  I traced the shorts he was wearing that day to make the pattern. 

(Four deer!  I shot four deer!)   The top is a vest style that I made by tracing the shirt he was wearing.  I didn't finish any edges and left lots of fringe.  I added a little trim detail with red and aqua thread on my sewing machine.

We added a belt and medicine pouch and a feathered headband and he was all set.  I probably should have finished up the edges a little better, he's worn it three days straight.  It's going to need a washing sooner or later.

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