Saturday, July 7, 2012

cake decorating birthday party

Bee's 7th birthday isn't until next week, but we celebrated with friends today.  With the help of my cake making friend Jennifer and a few of her friends from school, we had a cake decorating birthday party. 

This is going to be picture overload today, so here we go.  First, the outfit.  

Bee has not happily worn anything I've made her in the past year, so when I suggested a special outfit, I had to submit sketches and fabric swatches.   This outfit was approved as long as it wasn't puffy or baggy or itchy.

The cake layers were sent back to the sewing room since they were too puffy.  After two send backs, they were approved.  The shirt is just appliqued by hand (and regular sewing machine) and the shorts are long stretch pants that I cut off and used the discarded length to make the ruffle.

I borrowed flowers from my neighbors yard again.  They are gone in the summer and don't seem to care.  This crepe myrtle was all that was blooming.  

We hid kitchen utensils around the party area for a later game, there are a few things tucked in the flower pitcher and a spoon on the chalk ledge.  

Even the wreath on the front door was able to hold a few items for the scavenger hunt.  

I had seen a few different cupcake related buntings, but went with this one that has cupcake wrappers flattened and folded over a little string.  

I used leftover string from Lou's birthday last year.  

I bought two packs of cupcake liners from the dollar section at target last spring and then used some JoAnns coupons to pick up a few other colors and sizes.  I have tons left and wont have to buy liners for years.

Here are the invites we sent out (more about those here).  We stayed small with inviting all 6 girls from her class at school last year.  We ended up with four able to attend which was the perfect number for this type of party.   We decided to have a small swim party on her actual birthday with the neighbor friends.  There are just so many of them.

When the girls arrived, we had them select an apron and a chefs hat.  

 Then, they made a ruffly cupcake liner flowers to pin on their hats.  This one was Bee's, which she made on her own while waiting for the guest to arrive.  The yellow checkered fabric in her hat is from the curtains in her baby nursery.  I am glad that she grabbed that hat.

Since we were using the hot glue guns on the wooden coffee table, I laid out some wax paper.  Some of the girls had never used a glue gun and wanted some help, but they all did fine and no one burned their fingers, except Bee, who has been using a glue gun for years.

The girls flattened and folded and glued.  we attached large safety pins on the back and used those to attach the flowers to their hats.

Once we were all outfitted, we go right to the cake decorating.  My friend (and cat mama) Jennifer, took care of all things cake related for us.  She brought little blank cakes and lots of icing for the girls.  She also stayed and worked with the girls and was just wonderful. 

She showed the girls how to get the icing onto the cake smoothly without tearing up the cake.  I may have learned as much as they did.

And how to pipe additional icing onto the cakes. 

We ended up with 5 girls and we were able to easily share 8 icing bags. We had tons of tips on loan from my step-mom and we were able to make some fun designs.

We laid out wax paper again around the table so that they could practice the piping before using it on their cakes.  It also made for a fast clean up. 

  I had picked up several kinds of sprinkles and candy pearls and colored sugars for the girls to add if they wanted.  Those are what is in the darling little green and yellow cups.  Those are from JoAnns too.

Bee was very cautious and careful 

and ended up with a very pretty cake. 

The cakes all looked tidy at some point.

 And then some added sprinkles...

And others kept adding and adding.

 After they finished decorating, they were sent to the bathroom to wash up and then back to the living room to decorate their cake boxes. 

 We had out stickers and markers. 

and I figured out how to print on post-its.  I love it.  I wanted the parents to know where the cakes came from and also to make sure the girl's names were clearly on the boxes.

It's super easy; you make a table in word, type what you want on the post it, then print it.  Then place the post-its over the text (I used our DIY lightbox) and reprint on the same page.  If those short directions aren't clear, here's where I saw it. 

Lou came upstairs when the girls were out of the kitchen, he got to decorate a cake too.  Looking back, this business with Lou hiding is pretty much the same thing from Bee's 2010 tea party birthday.

 While they girls decorated their boxes and then loaded up their cakes, the table was cleared off and reset with Bee's cake and the snacks.  Alternating activities between rooms gave us the chance to reset and have the next thing all ready for them. 

Jennifer made Bee's  cake as well.  She let Bee place the daisies when she got to our house.  It was just right. 

I don't know what she wished for, but it must have been good.  

She got all the candles out in one little puff. 

Probably a pony. 

The cake was so cute and tasted good too.  

I also set out a few little plates of other treats.  I served cheesecake filled strawberries, which is a favorite at our house and a birthday regular.  Also, we tried a new recipe, strawberry cheesecake melts.  They were really yummy but so so rich.  I will share that recipe later in the week.  I also attempted a recipe for gummies, but it's still in the fridge.  Didn't work out so well. (edited to add:  Here is the recipe for the cream cheese minis)

 I served peach punch, which is also a favorite and birthday regular, but when the girls asked what was in it, no one wanted it.  We dumped out all their glasses and everyone had sprite.  I have a lot of punch to drink on my own.  Lou said he'd help me.   I'll share that recipe later in the week too, not that anyone will want it now.

I see punch is still in their glasses in this picture, this must have been right before the revolt against peach jello and pineapple juice. 

I have mentioned before about my issues with opening presents in front of people, but the kids love to see what everyone gave. I always say gifts not necessary on the invites, but generally, we always gets gifts.  I just never want someone not to come because of not bringing a gift. The girls all really did want to see what was in those bags, and frankly, Bee was pretty excited to open.

I had  two games ready just in case, and we did end up with time to play them. 

We played pin the candle on the cake.  

And then we did a scavenger hunt.  I had hidden the kitchen items around the house and the girls each took a sheet and silently went looking.  

When they found it, they crossed it off and kept hunting.  I did a similar hunt at Lou's camp out party last year. They really were so quiet while doing it.  Jennifer remarked that the same would not have happened at a boy party!

I think we all had a fun afternoon.  Bee fell asleep pretty early and I needed to put my feet up at the end of the day.  Pretty sure that's the sign of a good party.  Party season is over at our house and we can get back to summer vacation now.  


Jedda said...

You are one amazing mama! What a beautiful party you put together--thanks for sharing!

jennifer said...

Great pictures and awesome ideas! Thanks for a fun afternoon.

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