Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Bb bee day - preschool style

I'm all of a sudden really behind on posting preschool things.  We start Ee this week and here's Bb.  

After reading some nonfiction bee books and looking at some photos of bees, we played a fun little game with canning jar rings.

My original idea involved making a little beehive out of slices of toilet paper tubes, but I couldn't work it out.  I was trying to think of something really shallow to use and suddenly thought of the kabillion canning rings I have.  That's a real number. I taught 6th grade math one year, I should know.   

These plastic bees are from a game my kids have.  I had my preschoolers place a bee in a letter B or b and tell if it was a capital or a lowercase letter.  Our bees did not want to land in the other letters.  

Here's Lou's bee craft.  Most of the kids had black marker or paint stripes, but Lou must have had something else he wanted to do. 

This is a new favorite activity for my preschoolers.  We lay on our bellies and place a paper on the carpet.  With a toothpick, we slowly tap they shape on the paper.  Once I did shapes, this week I had Aa and Bb.  It is such a versatile project and it keeps them quietly working for several minutes.  It's delightful.


jess_hak said...

I agree with the hole punching activity. My littles LOVE it when I bring out the big pushpins....and I LOVE that they are nicely entertained for a few min. The beehive activity is really cute.

cherib said...

ha! I LOVE this hole punching idea...and I have NEVER thought of doing it on the carpet. THANKS for posting this! I'm sure I'll have to watch my little boys so they're not "punching" each other!!!!

Stacy@{ShareandRemember} said...

Great activities, thanks for sharing!

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