Sunday, December 16, 2012

Christmas table activites- preschool style

Here are some random table activities that have made their way out the past two weeks.  Also, I've got a bunch of Christmas ideas from the past four years or so and they are easier to find now.  I have a Christmas tag as well as a J tag (for Jesus).  Those are over on the right side (web version only), down the page a little way.

The DIY light box got some new items on it.  I drew some Christmas trees on some overhead film my sister passed on to me.  We used the plastic dot pieces (formerly used as bingo pieces) to give the trees ornaments.

These baking tins are from My grandma.  She knew I'd use them.  I have green and red glass beads in the basket.  The tweezers are from the 'ants in my pants' game. 

These stars are those plasticy ice cubes.  They are from a red, white, and blue set, but I just pulled the red and white. The tongs are kitchen tongs purchased at goodwill for a quarter or less. I think the icecube trays were from there or a garage sale.

Our little people nativity set found a spot on the table.  I feel like there is a missing piece, but am not sure.  I think the shepherd is playing the part of Joseph. He must have skipped town.  The kids haven't said anything.

The Christmas sensory box has been a favorite.  

This one has an eye spy sheet with it and the kids seem to enjoy that.

This wasn't technically a table activity, but we tried the toothpick 'poking' with the younger kids and most thought it was fun.  It's one of those activities where some classes love it and others are like, 'I don't get it, why are we doing this?'  There are always a few kids that love it and can't get enough of it though.

With the pre-k kids, we usually do letters, but I went with a picture for the younger ones.  It helps get them in the correct pencil hold position as well as works on fine motor practice.  It quiets them nicely and keeps them in one spot, which is usually a plus. 

For this page, they liked looking at the back to see the poking design.  That doesn't work as well for letters because they're backwards.  We even had some team work action going on. 

This is a circle time activity turned table toy.  One day during circle time, I placed a cookie cutter in a stocking and had a kiddo feel it.  They made a guess which shape might be inside, then pulled it out.  They found the right spot for the cutter on our poster and the next friend got to have a turn with a new cutter placed inside the stocking.  Now it's out just as a matching activity.

I just made these letter cards up this weekend.  They'll only get one week to be out this year. The letters are from Confessions of a Homeschooler.  Hers are big enough to glue on a bottlecap.  These were printed out with two pages on a printed sheet, so they came out smaller, just the right size for my clear glass beads.  I modge-podged them on the flat side.  The pictures are from Prepared, Not Scared and the cards are from Moms Have Questions Too.

This felt tree came out on candy cane day and has been out all week.  The kids can just decorate as they choose. 

Last year after Christmas, I got boxes of cards for 10 cents.  I bought all they had!  They've been out for the kids to make Christmas cards for family and friends. They are really enjoying it.   I have to keep an eye on one friend; she grabs a marker and draws waves on as many cards as she can find.  One day she went through at least half a box of 36 cards.  Good thing the cards were cheap!

I have many other Christmas things to get up here, but I've have about 27 projects going on, with little sign of slowing down.  I can't even share most of the projects yet, as many are gifts.  Hopefully I'll get time over break to get caught up.  We'll see. 

Again, here are some other preschool Christmas ideas from my blog last year..     And some others Here   

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