Saturday, December 22, 2012

in progress

I've got a couple last minute projects happening.  There's much ado in the sewing room.  My Christmas dress is almost done... I'm not in love with it, but I'm already too far in. 

The teacher gifts are done as of yesterday, late.  Minutes before the party.  Seconds really.  They still smelled like glossy finish.  I'll share those over break. 

I've been friendly with the saw. Love this saw.

Painting supplies have taken over the kitchen table.

Goodie supplies have taken over the kitchen, really this is about all of my available counter space.  Poor small kitchen.

I'm trying to get a new set of gloves made up.  I am almost done with the first glove/mitten.  It's a convertible guy.  Now I just have to make the next one match the first. Pressure is one.

Bee's been doing the wrapping so I can keep up.  She's a lovely wrapper. 

As of Saturday morning, the house is clean (or was), the school stuff I brought home in multiple trips is mostly put away, the shopping is done, the in-laws have arrived, and I'm free of the looming preschool parties (with 50 parents and grandparents!), kid Christmas parties, Christmas programs, Piano recitals, and other things that make this season. 

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