Sunday, December 23, 2012

lego trays

Here's one of the little projects I have been working on.  I saw these lego trays at Somewhat Simple.  I veered from her plans a little, but ended up with something I really liked and the kids are really liking too.  I can't wait on Christmas presents.  When you don't do santa, it doesn't matter as much. 

They are 16 1/2 inch roughly.  I measured the flats, cut the wood and built them only to find that it didn't all fit right. I had to pull it apart and rebuild around the flat itself.  Worked much better.

The kids got several lego related things for Christmas, a few early.  I like to spread out the fun of gifts.  I like that the gift gets full attention for that day.  The next day or a day later, we can open another.  Spreading out Christmas is fun.

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