Wednesday, December 26, 2012

nativity gift

I spied this nativity set back in the fall and knew it's what I wanted to make for several people, including the kids teachers.  Why I waited to start it the week before it needed gifted, I do not know. 

I saw it at Ginger Snap Crafts via Pinterst.  I found someone (Thanks bunches Melissa!) who could help me cut the vinyl pieces (which are from Silhouette), bought the wood- a collection of 2x4 and 1x6 pieces as well as a little something bigger from the scrap box for the camel.  

I made a sample set for myself first, it's several colors, mostly what I could gather up from the basement. The kids at preschool enjoyed playing with them, stacking them, counting them, etc. 

The second and third sets were grey. or gray.  I never know.  Hubby thought that would look nicer and I was torn.  

I didn't love the way my colored set turned out so I thought I'd try one set like that. I did like it and made the last set the same way.  The fourth and fifth sets are still uncompleted in my garage.

I found metal stars at Target in the dollar area ($2.50 side) back in early October and found these purple tubs at the dollar tree days before they were needed.  

The camel is my favorite. 

 There's a lovely tutorial at Ginger Snap Crafts, but basically you print out the shapes on vinyl and cut your wood to fit.  The tallest are about 6 inches, the shortest was 3.5 inches. The wood gets sanded and the fronts painted the color you want the person or animal (two coats).  The vinyl sticker is placed on and you paint the rest of the block the main color (two coats). Then you remove the vinyl shape and complete any touch ups.  A spray coating of a finish will finish them up (two coats). 

In my mind, that takes one evening.  In real life it's like two or three depending on how dutiful you are in watching for paint to dry.  Hence why Lou's teachers got scarves and flower clips from the mall.  

 I'm sure the kids will rough them up a little so I didn't add any 'wear' to them.  We'll let the time and kids take care of that. 

I have a set for myself, one was gifted to my co-teacher and Bee really wanted to give her teacher a set.  Lou's teachers may get their sets as end of the year gifts.   I'll probably have moved onto another project by then!


Ginger said...

Love how yours turned out! Love the grey or gray! I'm never sure about that either. :) I hope you have a wonderful Christmas.

Ginger @

Sparkling said...

I love to make gifts but I too think the can be done in a flash and then I have no time. I' ve started a board on pinterest that says to start making them NOW for next Christmas. I wonder if that will help!

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