Monday, May 6, 2013

new silhouette projects

Silhouette and I have been busy.  I just love using it.  Lou and I used up almost the last of the black heat transfer vinyl.  Gotta get more!  I ordered it from Pick Your Plum.  This dog image is one I found on google image and traced with the silhouette software.  Lou says it's Tippy

I used the regular vinyl from Joann's to make this M for Lou's Michigan baseball team.  If the boys have their own helmet, they don't have to share at baseball.  Our helmet looked just like the 'share' ones.  Not anymore.

We added his number.  Easy to tell when my little man is up at bat.  That, and I'm keeping the team's stats.  It's a fun job and I totally have follow the game.

While I had the yellow vinyl out... I wanted to add a little sunshine on a dreary weekend.   I couldn't find an image to trace for this so I just wrote the text out myself in the silhouette software with four different fonts and sort of arranged them in a fun way.  I wasn't sure how the vinyl would go onto a round object, but I used the transfer tape and only had to smooth out one little part of one letter. 

We picked up this bench a few summers ago for 3 dollars at a yard sale.  It holds the gloves and hats and scarves.  I've been wanting to add a little something to it for awhile.  I made stencils with some weird color vinyl I had on hand. I used some random old paint from my stash to roughly paint over the letters.  I love how the letters look.  You can't tell from this picture, but it turned out a little off center.  Every time I look at it I see how it's a tad crooked.  I tried to fix it by adding a little scroll-like doo-dad at the end, but it's not any better.  I'll have to scrape it off and start over.  Another day.

Back at Easter, this pretty flower was the weekly free shape from silhouette.  I cut one and added it to our front door wreath.   Then I kept thinking about how pretty it would look with a whole wreath of them. 

And I couldn't do anything else until I did just that.  I ran that machine all afternoon while doing laundry and school plans and feeding children and then I declared family movie night and I assembled them.  I ended up buying two other 3d flowers through the silhouette online store and mixed those in too.  I used whatever random springish colored scrapbook paper I had on hand.   I wish it hadn't taken all day and run me through the better part of new sharp blade because I want to make one for my classroom and one for the kids teachers. 

This wasn't cut with my delightful machine, but it's getting in this post anyway.  It does feature some washi tape though.  It's a new to me craft item and I am loving it.  I also ordered it from Pick You Plum.  Have I mentioned I may have a slight problem with my level of admiration for that site?  Washi tape is making it's way into a lot of projects at this house these days!  Even Bee is in love with it.

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