Thursday, May 2, 2013

Spring fruit

Spring has to be my favorite time of year!  Maybe it's just the relief of the dreary gray end of winter months. Maybe it's the signs of new life in the yard.  Maybe its the promise of deliciousness starting to grow when I didn't have to do much work!

The fruits in the yard are starting all on their own.  Of course there was work in the fall to prune and clean up, but that's been a long time ago.  My last year's Mother's Day peach tree flowered.  Does that mean we will have little peaches this year? 

The rhubarb (that probably isn't a fruit... but I don't know) is up and a it.  Last year was the first year and the directions clearly said not to pick and eat the first year.  It was a long summer watching it look ready and delicious but leaving it.  I'm thinking about my high school best friend and college roommate's grandma who used to make us this delicious rhubarb and strawberry dessert.  And lamb, she made us lamb.  I'm drooling.

The logan berries are looking pert this year. My arms are finally healed up from the spring cleanup.  My forearms looked like I'd been in fight with a dozen kittens.  

Strawberries. Oh sweet strawberries.  I spread the strawberries out some last fall and enlarged their bed then too.  It looks like I have less, but that shouldn't be the case.  We'll just have to see how they produce this year having a little more room. 

Now it's time to get working on the vegetables!

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