Wednesday, May 8, 2013

new tooth activity

My post about my dental health activities at preschool is my most popular post.  I even see my photos every once in awhile on pinterest from people I follow who pinned it from someone else.  It's kinda cool like that.  So this year for dentist day, I used my old lessons and pretty much did the same thing.  The craft was new though so I thought I share that.

My little friends were given a colored copy of this mouth.  They could have colored the lips, but ours were already colored.  They used real toothpaste to brush the teeth.  Some were sloppy and glopped it around, others were so carefully to brush each bit.   It smelled minty fresh in the craft room!

Again, here's my previous post on dentist day.

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Robin said...

I like this activity. I would like to get a copy for our lesson.

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