Sunday, April 28, 2013

Rr Robot day- preschool style

Robot day was so much fun!   We have so much fun at preschool anyway, and my pre-K class is really delightful, but this was an extra enjoyable day.  We spent most of the time building our robots, but here's a little game we sent out on the table at arrival.  I found these robot erasers at Target last summer and picked them up in anticipation.  The kids ended up stacking and sorting the erasers in stead.

We also had out the bolt toy.

We read one robot book, If I had a Robot by Dan Yaccarino. 

We did the same craft from last, red rectangle robots.

Then I divided the kiddos up and explained the procedures with the materials and supplies.  My co-teacher, the parents, and I brought in boxes and recycled type materials, water bottle lids, plastic bowls, paper towel tubes, yarn, ribbon, stickers, etc.  All the teachers had stayed after one day and wrapped the boxes and pringles cans in bulletin board paper of various colors.

Our leader for the day brought both her mom and dad, so with my co-teacher, we were able to have 3 teams of robot builders.  This freed me up to deliver supplies and assist when needed.

We went through a lot of packing tape while they built and built.

In the end, we ended up with three pretty cool robots.

I had hoped to get to the Rr journal page at the end of class, but for whatever reason we didn't.  I used it the next morning though and they all drew their robots.

Here is one of the other classes robots... Take a look again out ours... then theirs.  Hmmmm.  There's have a certain prettiness that our don't. 

We didn't have this snack this year, but here's the snack I took for Lou's leader day last year on Rr day.  It's two boxes of raisins, a juice box, an applesauce, and two pretzel rods.  It was more food than the kids needed and more costly than a preschool snack should be, but it was too cute!

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