Thursday, June 5, 2014

birthday boy x7

That little baby they hand you all bundled up in a burrito of a blanket at the hospital... it grows up.  One day, you're up all night rocking and nursing and holding him at awkward angles because that's the only way he will stop screaming... and the next he's let you sleep in because he knows he can sneak extra video time if he gets up early and is very, very quiet.  In fact, he served himself a breakfast which involved dribbling milk all over the kitchen table and a trail of cereal from the bathroom to the couch... Why the bathroom?  Cause he's a boy and about everything he does involves the bathroom. Why not the bathroom?

Mine is growing up. He went and turned 7.  He opened a bank account.  He'll be getting  job and driving to work next month. 

He's even old enough to know about duck faces.  Geesh.

and squirrel faces, it's new.  it's all the rage.  He used a birthday check from Great grandma to open a bank account.   He was pretty thrilled with the little bank book they gave him.

I thought he understood it all, but then the next day he asked to go take out $1.  It was a Sunday.  It was wrong for so many reasons.  There were tears.  And treats to remove all his money.  I think we've got it now. 

You know it's your birthday and family lives out of town when you arrive home and the porch looks like this.  No, really the boxes on the bench are daddy's work boxes.  He were really excited for a minute though.  He got a big shipment of some part or something.  I just leave them there. 

When it's your birthday, you can play basketball in your jammies if you want.

and you can pick the lunch spot.  Mcdonalds!  I just smiled and nodded....  could think of 32 places I'd prefer to eat.  More, if I thought about it.

On a side note.  Bee used some of her cash (she always has cash) to buy some hair chalk.  She convinced Grandma to get some color,

she enjoyed a lot of color,

and gave the birthday boy some stripes.

I actually don't get too sentimental about the kids getting older. Did you hear the part about getting himself breakfast?  He may have watched extra videos, but I got to sleep in.  It's pretty great.  You can't do that when they're in diapers!

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