Sunday, June 22, 2014

the late birthday party

My happy little man finally had his birthday party.   It was two weeks late, but nonetheless, we had it.  This grump face is just shortly before the party when he was convinced that he wanted to cancel the party.  He's drama. 

It was a total low stress, low prep, easy, at home party.  That seems like an oxymoron, but it really was.  He wanted friends to come swim, watch a movie outside, have a few sparklers, eat hotdogs, play hide and go seek, and have a water balloon fight.  Just like that, the party was planned. 

I kept the camera put away most of the evening, but ended up with just a few pictures.

I had just planned on sending home the sparklers and snap-pops, but the kids broke them out of the goodie bags as soon as it was dark.  It ended up being really fun, albeit a tiny bit dangerous.  Did I use the word albeit correctly?  Spell check feels ok about it so I will too.

A few of the kids had never done sparklers before and didn't know sparkler etiquette. 

There were a few close calls with hot, spent sparkler sticks.

We watched How to Train Your Dragon, which Lou just recently watched for the first time.  The dads were especially mesmerized with this movie.

The menu was easy too, Lou's favorites- hot dogs on the grill, watermelon, cheetos, homemade mac and cheese, and cherry limeade.  Instead of cake, he wanted root beer floats.  I don't think he's had a cake at his party since his first birthday maybe. 

This is the least I've written about one of the kids birthday parties, but really we kept it simple.  Like I mentioned, there was a lot of drama concerning the party for Lou.  I'll protect Lou's privacy a little here, but we're back at the therapist office this summer.  He's had tremendous concern that someone would throw up at his party.  It's weird. And frustrating.  And causes his mama to worry.  Now that the party is over, we've started worrying about bible school.  People probably throw up there a lot too. 

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