Monday, June 2, 2014

first week of summer vacation!

We have finished up the first week of summer vacation!  I know a lot of people still are finishing up school this week!  We had an extra hour added to many of our days to make up all the many, many snow days this year.  The teachers even went on Saturdays to make up the rest of our contractual hours.  It stunk, but now that we're out, it might have been worth it. 

The first thing I did was delete this ridiculously early alarm!

We've been playing at the splash pad a the gym (The kids are old enough this summer to play there while I work out!  I've been waiting for this day!)

We've been hitting up Holiday World! 

(Bee with a friend on one of my not so favorite ride- but she's old enough to ride without me!)

and finding water to play in,

or getting caught in the rain.

Lou and Bee are fish. 

We've discovered a new-to-us game.  This one's called 'chairs' and we've been playing it like crazy.  You basically just stack the chair and try to get it all to balance.

We've been loosing teeth. Number two for Lou!  I feel fairly sure he'll be needing some braces some day. 

We've taken in a baseball game.

And have been reading,

and doing our summer school work,

and working on pinterest projects.

and enjoying the new Mcallisters Deli in town.

There's been a little fun going on in the garden, not a lot, but a little.

Now we just need a whole bunch more weeks like this one and we will be rested up and ready for next school year.

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