Tuesday, March 29, 2011

homemade laundry soap

I have finally used up all the laundry soap that I stockpiled when I was ordering from a place where I was getting 'natural' cleaning products. Prior to that, I had made our laundry soap for a good while. I use the sludge recipe that seems to be the standard recipe out there for 'liquid' laundry soap. When I saw that my sister in law's sister in law (what does that make her to me- sister in law twice removed?) made some dry powdered laundry soap I did consider make that version, but went with the sludge. Next time I'll try hers. (She just started a blog called Thrifty Craftin' Mama- stop by and say hi.)

3 bars of soap (ivory, homemade, felsnaptha, whatever)
1 c. borax
1/2 c washing soda
water (total 3 gallons + 5 c.)
optional- essential oil- few drops

You can half this recipe.  I believe that's what I have done in the past because other measurements were written all over my copy of this recipe.  Today I had everything on hand.  It's a benefit of being a collector.  Shave soap bars.  I use my big cheese grater.  That's probably ok, right?   In a 5 gallon pot, boil soap in 5 c water  (2.5 c if you are halving this recipe)

Add 3 gallons of hot water (1 .5 gallons or 24 c if you are halving- but you can do simple math).  Bring to almost a boil- or at least really hot.  Add washing soda.  Give it a good stir.

Add borax.  Give it a good stir.  Add essential oil if you so desire. I added lemon oil.  I love lemon.  Let it cool enough to pour into a big old bucket or smaller buckets. Let it sit overnight and it will gel up.

Mine ended up with some wateryness on the top.  That's a real word, wateryness.  I have since scooped that out.

You'll need to add 1/2 c - 3/4 c sludge to each load.  I prefer to add it to the washer and let the water run a bit before adding the clothes.  I feel like this helps dissolve the sludge. This will last darn near forever.   I'll let you know when I run out.


Danielle said...

Thanks for mentioning me! That is funny that you posted this because I just made a batch of laundry detergent about a month ago and have yet to blog about it (I was thinking sometime this week. lol.)

Melissa said...

I thought about doing this but worried about how it would work in an HE washer. I switched from the same 'natural' company you were using to Shaklee. Shaklee has been around for a LONG time.

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