Wednesday, November 23, 2011

speaking of roasting things

Maybe I was the only one talking about roasting things.  I've been talking a lot about roasting things lately, vegetables mostly, which means I'm slightly boring company, except at dinner when I'm serving the roasted things.  Let me say that I was late to the game in the whole grilled vegetables thing, so it stands to reason that I may just be late with roasting vegetables too.  

It started with some roasted butternut squash awhile back.  It rocked.  rocked.  Then we tried sweet potatoes and carrots, also pretty good.  I saw in a preview on the food network, something about roasted cauliflower.  I tried it that night and hubby said it was the best cauliflower he had ever eaten.  He does not throw around food compliments willy nilly.  The next shopping trip I picked up some broccoli and roasted it too.  Also tasty. 

When I say roasting, all I am doing is cutting  fresh vegetables up smallish, tossing in a bit of olive oil and lightly salting.  Then, they get placed in the oven in a regular 9x13 at about 425 degrees.  The broccoli started to brown quickly, about 15-20 minutes.  The cauliflower took about 30 maybe.  The carrots and sweet potatoes took longer, maybe 40 minutes.  

So, are you a roaster?  Am I really just late to the game?  Whatever- I have found our cold weather substitution to summer's grilled vegetables.

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