Saturday, November 19, 2011

rainy day

We received the most fun package the other day.  Ok, it's actually been longer ago than was responsible of me to write about since I had happily agreed to write about it.  Regardless, we recieved a fun box from  They feature fun craft ideas all made with easy to find supplies from Wal-Mart.  

They call this the 'rainy day survival kit' because it has easy, open ended supplies and idea sheets.  There were beads, stringing cord, melty beads and melty bead holders. 

Bee got started with the melty beads right away.  Lou doesn't have the patience or finger dexterity or fine motor skills to work well with these for very long. He tends to knock his around as he's working and so do I.  

My fingers are a little big to get in the tiny spacey.  Bee loves it and had the right sized fingers.  She should be a surgeon.  I should get a second job to pay for med school.  Lou made a log cabin out of the popsicle sticks (which aren't called that anymore).  Then Bee and Lou both worked with the pipe cleaners (which aren't called that anymore either), pom poms and googly eyes.  I don't seem to have a picture of these sculptures, but Bee made an owl sculpture and Lou made a snow leopard.  Always a snow leopard. 

I was excited to see magnets and finger paint.  I had some finger paint paper being stored away we were just lacking the paint.  We can always use magnets. 

I think the kids liked the finger paints the best.  I did a lot of reminding  about not mixing the colors, but Lou seems to have learned that well at school this year and didn't need all my reminding... until the end... then it was a free for all.

Bee made a scene.  Lou started that way, and then needed to go abstract.  He gets frustrated when his picture doesn't look very recognizable as what he wants.

We really enjoyed the box of supplies.  I'm all about a craft that is open ended and child directed. While the occasional 'this is supposed to look like this in the end' craft is cute, I try to remember it's all about the process, not the product.  These supplies are all 'kid's crafts' brand and are available in the craft/school supply section of Walmart.  There really are a lot of cute ideas available at their website,  

I first became familiar with them when I shared the crazy glove with 6 fingers,

and they directed me to this cute mouse glove activity.  (Their photo)

disclaimer:  these supplies were sent to me courtesy of Craft Project Ideas but I was not paid for a review.  These statements and thoughts are my own. 

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