Thursday, November 3, 2011

Dd dinosaur day- preschool style

Dinosaur day may be my favorite.  I think I said that about apples.  I mean it this time.  I love dinosaurs. Here's the letter D craft.  This one is Lous. D is for dinosaur.

We had so much to do today that I didn't even read any of the many many dino books that I brought in.  We looked at some pictures from nonfiction books, I'm going to let that count for reading a book

.   During arrival time and at a few other points in the day, I pulled a few kids aside and had them complete a page with a sticker to go in a little book.  The page reads, "_______'s dinosaur is ________."  They wrote things like that their dinosaur was 'eating grass'  or 'racing up a hill' or 'standing by hot lava.'  I've had the stickers for years (surprisingly they are still sticky) but think they came from one of those large sticker books that Aldis sometimes carries.

It was Dd week, so we added stickers to our Dd page to add to our alphabet book.

Wednesday is math day, so we try to included mostly math related activities.   We talked briefly how dinosaurs were egg layers.  For this activity each child had a sheet with 20 labeled dinosaur eggs.  Each child had a little baggie with more than enough little dinosaurs.  We rolled the dice together and then pretended that those eggs had hatched.  We rolled 6, six eggs had hatched, so we added little dinosaurs onto of the eggs. We continued until all the eggs hatched.  I've had those little green dinos for years as well.  The sheets were ones I made up in Word.  The dice is new- it's from the teachers store. The sides are clear and changeable.  I'm in love with it.

Then we made a graph.  Each kiddo got to roll the dice and pick the card showing what they rolled.  We used those to make a graph.  I asked lots of questions about the graph we made.  How many purples did we roll? What dinosaur did we roll the least times?  How many yellow and green did we roll together?   Did we roll more blue or more purple?  Are there any that we rolled the same number?   The dinosaurs for the graph are available here at KS1 Math.

I had these numbered dinosaurs for an ordering activity but instead used them to help guide us through the next activity. 

Each child was given a blank dinosaur and a baggie of clothes pins.  The pins were numbered 1-10.  The kids added them to their dino in numerical order.  I told them today that they could work ahead if they thought they could.  I noticed a few kids did it super fast and accurately.  I'm going to have to think about ways to extend my math for those kids.  A few got stuck in the 7-9 area.  That tricky 9 looks like 6 a lot.  Of course there were a few also who did get past 3 without help. After the fast ones were done, they disassembled their dino and went to the tables for paperwork.

Here are some other dinosaur things:  

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