Sunday, November 13, 2011

haste does make waste

I guess it's true, haste does make waste.  I have been collecting wishbones from our chickens all year.  Seriously, last November, I got an idea to make our Thanksgiving place cards using wishbones.  I only had one, so I knew I'd try to collect them all year and have enough next Thanksgiving.   So all year, I've been saving them in a baggie in my craft room.

This evening, I went down to sew and found these scattered remains on the floor.  There were at least 12, this is what is left.

The baggie was torn open. Looks like raccoons.... again. 

In haste, Friday I made a last minute fix on Bee's steamer trunk for her book character costume.  I left the drawer where the glue gun goes open.  Also being stored in that drawer were the wish bones.  I knew the cat liked them and would go for them whenever the drawer was open, but I didn't think about it Friday, in haste.  By Saturday, only three sort of undamaged one remained as well as a handful of scraps. Waste. There are still missing parts, hopefully not in the kitty's tummy.  She couldn't even leave the baggie alone long enough for me to take it's picture. 

Guess we'll try again next year, unless you want to cook a whole turkey or chicken this week and send me your wish bones. 


Aunt Donna said...

I buy a rotisserie chicken at least once a week. I'll start saving my wishbones for you! Could you use any of those cylinder shaped oatmeal boxes?

grandma said...

I have two waiting for you.

mommyslittlemonkeys said...

If I cook a chicken this week I'll save the bone for you. Don't all the parents bring in chicken for the party this week? That would be 3 bones right in one day and I bet you could get the teachers to save them from afternoon and t-th classes.

Sparkling said...

She must have thought she'd struck gold! I know someone who would do the very same thing if I kept wishbones in a drawer. Plastic bags do nothing to hold back my cat. She gnaws right through them to get any kind of bread product I happen to leave out!

Anonymous said...

Cats must have the best sense of smell to find things like that. Mine think it is all a game and great fun. Bread wrappers always getting little nibbles in them, but they don't really want the bread, just the joy of chewing through the plastic. Love my kitties no matter how mischievous they can be. I once had a cat that always pulled all the pins out of a tomato pin cushion with her teeth. Love them cats.

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