Tuesday, November 1, 2011

last minute costume- Rosie the Riveter

I always wait until the last minute for my costume.  Lou and I were literally rummaging through the costume box and my fabric stash.   I showed Lou a picture of Rosie the Riveter and he thought a witch would be better.  Too bad Lou. 

I did a quick google search but ended up finding a few cute Rosie's on Pinterest.  I had a scrap of red and white dots fabric for the head handkerchief.  I wore a blue Old Navy shirt I already had on hand.    Pretty easy last minute costume.

 I added a name tag that I just made up in Word and printed on printable fabric. I ironed it on to the shirt with some fusible webbing stuff. 

 We did a little trick or treating in our neighborhood and then went out to our church for their big celebration.  (Here are more pictures of the kids in their costumes.)

We ate more candy than we should have.  I'm super glad I'm not teaching tomorrow!

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Chris said...

Cute idea! I saw this on pinterest a few days ago - I'm guessing you did too :)

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