Saturday, November 26, 2011

Hot turkey and corn- preschool style

As part of our Thanksgiving party at preschool, we played a hot potato style game with a stuffed turkey leg.  I think I saw this in Family Fun magazine, but it could have been years ago.  I am no longer getting it, but did get it for about 7 years.  I tucked this idea away in a file in my brain, and only this year recalled it.  Or I saw it more recently... it's hard to say.  I used to remember things better than this. 

 I made each child a set of fleece oven mitts.  I also worked up a fleece and felt turkey leg and a fleece and felt ear of corn.  We played some peppy music and passed the corn and turkey.  When the music stopped we "gobbled" at the people with the items.  You could certainly have the person be 'out' but this was a party.  No one wants to be 'out' at a party. Especially when you're 4.  When I played at home with Bee and Lou we earned letters to spell hot.  It could certainly be done with any word.

Here they are:  40 fleece oven mits. 

Bee and Lou thought it would be fun to take them to Great Grandma's house when we went for Thansgiving and have everyone play.  I think they got 9  people to play withe them.  We put Grandpa in charge of music and we played and played.  There was lots of giggling, especially from the aunts and uncles.


Aunt Donna said...

What a great activity. I'll bet you can recycle those oven mitts and use them for "mitten" activities this winter. I see a "Jan Brett Day" in your future:)

jess_hak said...

how extremely fun!! That is a huge amount of sewing.

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