Friday, August 20, 2010

girls and boys... on a trip

The moment Lou was born and they showed us that slimy baby boy freshly pulled from my midsection, Hubby and I both said "He looks just like Bee." Jinks. He owed me a coke. That is where the similarities stopped. They are both smart, sweet children, but could not be more different. We tried to make sure we offered gender neutral toys to both, but Lou, without hesitation, gravitates to trucks, cars, gross things, balls, and all things boy. Bee dresses up, wants makeup, plays babies, and is into all things princess. We treated them the same, God just made them different.

I was noticing how different they are last weekend on a little get away we took. We went back to the cabin. This time with kids in tow. We love visiting my aunt and uncle and cousin, and so enjoy a little trip to the lake.

The girl made a comfy spot and did and little reading.

The boy wanted to wrestle.

And wrestle.

And run. He's a superhero of course. He's an active fella.

The girl got up early each morning to be near the water to take in the morning sounds and watch for animals starting their day.

She is a calm creature. So nice.

There was some canoeing.

The boy was eager and impatient.

He's a worker. He said, "I can paddle, I know how. "

The girl did cartwheels.

The boy longed to be with the big boys putting the boat in the water.

The girl was more worried about getting dressed up for her boat ride.

She sometimes raises her hand to speak.

She has an adventurous side, mind you. She didn't pass up an offer to drive the boat. The boy wanted to drive, but he's too shy to sit on someone's lap.

Both boys could have spent hours in the kayak just cruising along.

The girl said no to boats, she preferred to swim.

Even with all their differences, they do play so nicely together. It's so nice as a mama. They are very good friends. He sure does miss her when she's at school. I think Bee and Lou compliment each other ....and I think they compliment us too.

Happy weekend to you!


Kelly Nieman Anderson said...

Beautiful pictures - and a great story!

grandma said...

Thanks for sharing. I loved the story. You are doing the story of your life while you really remember. Not like me waiting until people don't believe I write what really happened. LOL

Aunt Donna said...

I loved your story and pictures. They are different in their preferences, but both are creative and cooperative, Good kids, good parenting!

Julia said...

It was great seeing you the pictures!

-Cousin Julia

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