Monday, July 16, 2012

more projects

 Oh man, this is a great one.  I love pinterest.  Here's a gem.  Printing on sentence strips.  Find out how at A Turn To Learn.

Here's another pinterest find, while I'm talking about it.  I saw this cute hair cut doll at Family Sponge, which I found via Pinterest.  We went with a slightly bigger container.  They used a paper tube.  We had to hot glue on the hair instead of knotting it on.  

Bee also insisted on longer hair.  White was all we had on hand, it works.  The hair is super short now, but she trimmed it slowly, inching her way up.  


Sparkling said...

Wow, that doll reminds me of my first sewing project. I got to take a sewing class in 3rd grade after school and the first thing we made was a doll for clipping barrettes to it. There were two circles in flesh colored flannel for the face. I think we drew the face on. Then we sewed on long enough hair to be able to make two long braids. I had that thing forever but I don't think I ever actually clipped barrettes to it!

Ms. Jessica said...

The sentence strips came out awesome! I'm so glad you were able to use the tutorial!! Thanks for the shout out!

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