Wednesday, January 2, 2013

kangaroo part 2

Part 1 with last years Kangaroo ideas are found here.  This year, we did mostly the same things, but I added a few.  I found this non fiction book that has some great photos.  I know the kiddos will get bombarded with non-fiction text once they get into big kid school, thanks to common core, so we might as well get them thinking that way now. 

Lou let me take his kangaroo into school (as long as I was the only toucher).  I made up a little apron for her and Bee found the perfect little critter to go in her apron.  It's really a tiny cat, but I think if you are old it's a kangaroo, it looks like a kangaroo. I just used it while reading Katy No Pockets (see last years plans). 

For the end of the day, I made up this toothpick poking activity.  Another girl I teach with offered this suggestion, if the toothpick is to thin for the kids to hold onto, a golf tee with work equally well.  This year I have fewer kids who really enjoy the tapping activities.  Last year, they all loved it.  Each class is so different.

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