Tuesday, January 8, 2013

whats on the table- preschool in the winter

Here are a few things out on the tables for our morning table activities.  I've got a little something on the light box, but apparently have taken no photos.

I printed these out last year, from 1+1+1=1. I printed out the black and white and color version.  The kids seem to like both equally.

These little cupcake toppers were found on clearance somewhere last year. Instead of foam, we are using gingerbread playdough.  The kids have been making a lot of birthday cakes with it.

The idea for these snowflake counting cards came from Preschool Alphabet.  I just printed off a snowman clipart I found online and added a cut out paper number.

The snowflakes are noodles that I colored white with some paint and rubbing alcohol mix.  There's glitter in there too, but it really didn't have the result I was looking for.

This winter card with matching picture cards is just a little something I made up using clipart online.

We have set out several copies of this little snowman book.  I'll have to double check where I found this online.  Only a few students choose to color and work on these.

I added a little to the winter sensory bin from last year.  I'm pretty sure that's a puffin in the box, but no one seems to care.

Last year I said that the kids weren't that interested in this sensory tub.  This years classes seem to like it just fine.  Someone has even been biting the foam snowballs.  I wish I could catch my sneaky biter. 

This is my favorite snowflake table activity.  I like it more than any of the students do.  It's pictures of real snowflakes.  Kiddos can use a magnifying glass to help them match them.  I made this set, but stole the idea from My Montessori Journey.   All the photos are from this snowflake and snow crystal photo gallery website

I put the farm set out and the kids are practically fighting to play with it.  Thankfully, Lou, is alright with me taking his old toys into school.  Last year I had to beg and sometimes sneak them.  I even had to on occasion rent them for $1. 

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Lindsey said...

Totally cute! I love the snowman counting pages!

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