Saturday, January 19, 2013

preschool journals

I got behind on sharing our journal pages to go with each letter.  Then our internet with out for a week and a half and I got behind on everything.  You can click on the tag name "Journals" on the side (or click here to see the beginning of the year and the A-F journal pages).  Here's a post about the journals and how we're using them.

Sorry these aren't printable as some of the past ones are... I can't seem to get it all figured out.

Here's G:  Watch me grow.   I'll measure them again at the end of the year.

H:  draw hat and hair  (this person outline is from: Inchmark)

   -crazy hair

      -sweet piggy tails

   -egg head?

   -Indian hat? 

I:  My insect

J: What gift would you bring baby Jesus:   (Lalaloopsy dolls were popular for Jesus)

k:  What is in the kangaroo's pouch?   (Here's our kangaroo day Part 1 Part 2)

 L:   I love _____

M:  My mom...

  -This poor mom isn't 38!  I'm not sure she'd want us thinking she is.

  -But neither is this mom 14.  

A lot of the kids like to free draw in their journals too.  Here on of my little friends practiced her number 8s.

This poor little friend has a house fire on Christmas Eve and drew about it almost everyday for two weeks. 

If they tell me something to write by the picture, I do.  They all seem to want this narration now. 

If you knew this friend, you'd understand! 

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