Saturday, January 5, 2013

fun gift to me

I couldn't wait to open Christmas presents this year like I was 6 years old.  That's cause my new silhouette cameo was all wrapped up and under the tree.  

My sister and I got right to work on it.  Here's the first few projects:  

We dug out the glass etching cream from a few Christmas' ago

She just got some new Pyrex pieces for Christmas and I had a few naked ones.  

Most of my pieces got tagged three years ago- but these pieces are way cuter!  I love that you can use any font you have on your computer to cut on the Silhouette.

We just cut vinyl and used the negative part of the letters to make a stencil. 

All of these took under a half hour total. 

I cut out letters for Bee's cheerleading megaphone.  I can't wait until her first game to share photos of her in her uniform.  She's completely darling in it. 

I added a snowflake cut out of 'frosted glass' vinyl to a glass block with lights inside.  I got the glass block as a Christmas gift, and really liked it.  Now I can leave it out longer.

I cut out a fresh bunting for the area in my classroom under the cabinets above the sink.  I purchased the bunting shape in the silhouette shop.  It came with three bunting shapes total so I'm all set for future bunting making as well.

This is the bulletin board we had up for December and January, but I cut the snowflakes out and added them after Christmas break.

I made a window decal for my sister in the shape of a P for Purdue (using the tracing feature) and a robot for my brother (an image from the online shop), he's a physics teacher and coached robotic teams (that is probably not the real name for that, but it's something robot building related).

I went to the store this weekend to get heat transfer vinyl but they're all sold out.  I must not be the only person to get a fancy cutter for Christmas.


Sandy said...

Any way you could do a quick tutorial on how to do this? My Cameo is sitting here collecting dust! Also, where do you buy the heat transfer vinyl, I always just figured I would have to order it from Silhouette? Thanks so much :)

Sparkling said...

Oh you are going to be DANGEROUS now! You'll be lettering everything! I do desperately want a silouette or cricket but I know I'll just make a million things I do not need to be making!! Love the etching on the pyrex!

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