Monday, January 21, 2013

the lost Christmas games

I found these pictures when I uploaded my real camera.  They are back from the kid's Christmas parties before break.  There were two games that I wanted to write about.  

Here's the present game from Lou's kindergarten class.  They played it like hot potato.  The kids passed around a present that was wrapped in paper.  When the music stopped, that child unwrapped the next layer of wrapping paper.  Then the music started and the present was sent around the circle again.

It was wrapped about 10 times. The final unwrapping revealed a book that the class was going to read during the party.  Lou's class didn't seem to mind if not everyone got a turn.  Lou got his turn though.

That wouldn't fly in preschool, but I could wrap something 18 times I guess.

Here's another wrapping game from Bee's class.  It's opposite of the first game.  There were two lines.  The kids all lined up in partners.  Each partner group took turns relay race style wrapping the box and returning to the line. 

Then the next partner set ran up and wrapped another layer of wrapping paper around the box.

This continued until all the kids got a turn to wrap the box and the last set added a bow on top. 

Bee and her partner took their turn.   

I'm gong to file these two fun games away for next year.

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