Monday, January 28, 2013

preschool Penguins- part 2

I reworked penguin day it a little for the younger class this year. Here's penguin day from last year, which was for my pre-K class. I actually did it for the prek class too, but it was one of those weird days when we had other things going on and my poor plans got cast by the wayside. I don't think I have an opportunity to revisit them until spring and by then, it's pretty much silly to talk about penguins.  This penguin day however, did go.  And it was one of those days when the kids are into it and I'm into it and I'm rather impressed with us.

So, I started out showing them these 5 picture cards, which showed the things I wanted to learn about penguins -what they look like and that there are different kinds of penguins -how they move -how they take care of their eggs -what they eat and -how they live and together. 

First, I showed some pictures of penguins that I've hoarded out of old calendars and magazines.  A big thanks to my mom who enables me. They were surprised to see the underwater swimming picture.

We read Penguins 123 by Kevin Schafer.

I do not know how the order went now (it's been two weeks now that I am finally typing), but here are the activities we did in order that they loaded from my camera.  That doesn't always mean much.

I told them how in some penguin groups, the mom lays the egg and gives it to the dad.  She goes off to fish and bring back food to the baby.  The dad keeps the egg on his feet for up to 2 months.  We practiced being daddy penguins by balancing plastic Easter eggs on our feet. It was harder to balance than I thought. Next time, I will fill the eggs for a little added weight.

We listened to some music while balancing.  I instructed the kiddos to moved into a tight cluster on the carpet while balancing and talked about how the daddy penguins huddle together to stay warm when the winds blow the cold air.

We talked about what those mama penguins were off hunting.  Fish. I put some little fish under a sheet and we pretended it was ice.  One at a time, the kids dove under the ice and caught a fish. 

They announced what shape their fish had on it and brought it up to my penguin (who is actually a puffin- but no matter) and he fried it up for dinner.  We talked about how penguins aren't cooking their fish, I just thought it would be fun. Last year, I did something similar with the older class but they had to choose the bigger number out of a few numbered fish.

We did a little ice skating to some gentle music with wax paper on the carpet and then slid our bodies across the table like it was ice.  We clearer the chairs from one table and my co-teacher and I helped a friend onto the table on their belly.  Then, holding onto their arms, we gently dragged them across the table like the they were a penguin sliding on ice.

I sang this little rhyme using the penguin number cards I made last year for a missing number activity. I've had this in my files a really long time and don't know the original source.  

5 little penguins standing on the shore.
1 dove in and then there were 4.
4 little penguins sliding down some ice, Whee.
1 went too far and then there were 3.
3 little penguins don't know what to do.
1 waddled off and then there were 2.
2 little penguins having lots of fun.
1 went home and then there was 1.
1 little penguin sitting in the sun.
He went to sleep and now our song is done.l

I added up the next five numbers and we sang this little song which I sort of just came up with.  We sing similar versions to count to 10 often.  (tune of 10 little Indians)

1 little, 2 little, 3 little penguins, 4 little, 5 little, 6 little penguins, 7 little, 8 little, 9 little penguins, 10 little penguins sliding on the ice.  

We sang it a few times changing up the last line to -diving for some fish -waddling along -holding up their eggs, etc.  In addition to counting, it sort of reviews the concepts we have discussed.

Here's our craft.  The pieces were cut, the kids assembled and glued and added the skis (tongue depressors) and sticker eyes (binder hole reinforcers).  This was for our 3 and young 4's class. Out older kids would have done some cutting.

Again, here are Last years penguin plans for the little bit older class.

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