Saturday, February 23, 2013

these days

Well, I'm still without any camera software on the computer.  I have it, I just fall asleep at 8 pm every night.  I'm hopeful it will happen again this weekend. I have weeks worth of school things to get up here.

In the meanwhile, here are phone pictures.  Lou's a ninja turtle.  He used his hard earned money on this set. 

Bee lost a second tooth.  Top teeth must just be worth $1.  Two more wigglies are coming along. 

And Tippy is still here.  He's just about what we would have order in a dog if we could have picked him out of a catalogue. 

 He's already proving to be a lesson to hubby in flexibility.  Perhaps he's a lesson to me in judgment.  And sweeping.  So, despite the extra sweeping and mopping, he stays.  Somebody needs to hold down the couch. 

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