Thursday, February 14, 2013

valentines shirts and heat transfer vinyl

 Well, I've figured out how to email myself a picture from my phone, but I have no editing software or even to upload to the new laptop yet.  I stand by my original statement,  Windows 8 is weird.  I fumble from one screen to the next and don't know where I put things or what programs are open.  I think we're supposed to call them aps now.  I don't know.  I'm too old for this big of technology change. No really, I had a birthday yesterday. 

regardless, here are the kid' Valentines shirts.  These are the first projects with the heat transfer vinyl and my silhouette.  Also stand by that statement, Best Gift Ever.  

 Lou requested a bow and arrow with a heart.  After a little google image search and a little image editing, I ended up with this manly love day shirt.

The grey shirt is for a friend.  He requested a shirt with a heart. That's it.  His mom asked me to man it up a bit with an arrow.  The arrow heart was a free silhouette image.
Bee let me give her a few possibilities.  This bird is what she chose.  It's a silhouette image bird with a little heart wing cut out using a quick edit.   We added a heart on the sleeve with the wing cut out.

The heat transfer vinyl was easy to use and the results are really nice.  They look like we bought  them.  I'm beyond impressed.  I'll get a demo together soon, but really I learned from a youtube video.   Also figured out the print and cut feature too.  Best Gift Ever.
Here are a few past year's Valentines shirts:
2010 crocheted heart
2011 freezer paper painting\


We must have worn 2011 shirts in 2012.  I can't seem to remember or find another year's shirts.   hmmm. 

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