Monday, February 4, 2013

teeth and growing up

We were the only second graders with a mouth full of baby teeth. Until this week that is.  Goodbye tiny baby teeth.   Thew new tenant was already moving in.  That big nobby tooth couldn't even wait for a spot to open up.

It happened at school.  After wiggling it for nearly a month, a boy in her class pulled it out for her.  She wanted it to happen at school because you get that tiny plastic treasure chest to store it in.  It's also the best way to announce that all the second graders have joined the teeth looser club.

We put her little tooth (and treasure chest) in one of our tooth pouches that we've had ready for over two years and she found a crispy two dollar bill inside in the morning. 

She had asked me to pretend we had a tooth fairy, so we went along with it.  If you don't do Santa, it doesn't seem practical to do the Easter bunny or the tooth fairy, but we can pretend.  Unfortunately the tooth fairy was unprepared and only had a 20.  Actually, as normal, mama tooth fairy had zero cash.  It was daddy tooth fairy with the 20.  Fortunately, I remembered a small stash of $2 bills I received in Easter cards as a kid.  My collecting of things started long ago.  I buy them back form the kids when they want to spend it anyway.

The next two teeth as close behind.  We're going to have a whole mouth of windows by the summer.

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Lindsey said...

Very cute pictures!!