Sunday, February 24, 2013

new on the tables- robot style

I've had these two table toys in the plans since before Christmas, but our recent 'robot' theme was my push to get them made.

Here's the first, it's a nut and bolt board.  It's just two scrap pieces of wood (left over from the Christmas nativity project) screwed together with holes drilled in the top piece.  I painted it and added a robot vinyl sticker from my silhouette, just for fun.  For cost reasons, I stuck with two sizes of bolts and two styles of nuts.  I'm sure if I had asked my dad or father in law, I could have gotten a bucket of random nuts and bolts of all sizes. I didn't think ahead though.  A larger board would have been fun, but I went with what was in the scrap box.

The kids just find the right sized hole for their bolt and the right sized nut and tighten and untighten them in place.  It's been a popular activity.  I've had it our two full weeks now.  I usually only leave something out for a week, but the kids haven't seem to tire of it.

Here's the lock board I've been slowly gathering locks for.  I asked my co-teacher for locks for Christmas and she helped me finish out the parts for it.   Again, scrap wood was used.  I picked up a little cheap latch from Menards and two sizes of eye screws.  The locks all go through those, which were placed randomly on the board.  I used a chain from an old necklace to hold the keys to the board. 

Some locks are luggage locks, others are pad locks.  Most of the keys fit a variety of the locks.  the kids have been having fun unlocking them all and the reattaching them differently.  It's stayed out extra time too without complaint.

Robot day was super fun too.  I'll share those plan any day now.  I have camera uploading software and editing software loaded, I just am missing iTunes so I can load from my phone without emailing myself each picture. 

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