Monday, February 25, 2013

fromt the kitchen

Have you tried these excellent recipes yet?  These were all found via pinterst.

baked potatoes in the crockpot.  One of my colleagues told me about this one.  You just wash your potatoes and wrap them in tin foil. No poking them or anything first.  Place them in your crock pot on low for @ 8 hours. Don't add any water or anything else to the pot.  Just let them go. They are the most moist, delicious potato.  I'll keep making them this way for sure!

I remade the crockpot rotisserie chicken using a little olive oil rub and it make a tremendous difference.  Here was my first attempt at it.  We ate on it one night and then I used it in chicken and noodles and we ate on it three more nights.

Pancakes in the oven:  (photo borrowed from the blog linked)   They've been great to make up a pan on Sunday night and then have for breakfast for the next few days.  I double it for a 9x13 pan and add a dash of vanilla.. Cause my Grandma does.  Also added a few M&Ms this last batch.  Cause my tummy told me to.

crockpot chicken and noodles:  (borrow picture from that site as well)  These were delicious and the kids gobbled them up.  Next time I'll sub out the cream of chicken soup for homemade this version.  I hated using one of my free range whole chickens and home cooked chicken broth with cream of something soup with the 'other' ingredient in it.  I've made them twice this month. 

I'm trying these fried pickles next!

What new recipes have you tried lately?

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Sandy said...

I love making my baked potatoes in the crock pot now too, so much easier and doesn't heat up the house!

I tried this recipe I got from Pinterest the other night and it was delicious served over egg noodles:

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