Monday, February 11, 2013

just like that

I crashed my computer last week (while giving a demonstration at a meeting).  I bought a new one.  The printer wont work now, I bought a new one, although I haven't figured out how to install it yet.  I jammed up my laminator, thankfully Lou was able to fix it (the boy is handy to have around when he's not embarrassing me by running from me during Sunday school drop off).  I bumped my car into a light pole in the church parking lot one night in the rain after a late meeting last week.  This is the first time in a week I've been able to get onto blogger. All my passwords are saved in an appropriately titled document on my old computer that I can't access.  I finally figured out the one for my blog.  I have tons to share, but no pictures software yet on the new computer.  Hubby will be working on all that, but I'm still fumbling through windows 8.  It's weird. So, I'm technologically shorthanded right now, but, I have Downton Abbey to keep me company until I'm up and running again.  Have you watched it yet?  I'm hooked.  So, In a few days I'll be back with lots of business to attend to. 


Sparkling said...

I watched all but this past Sunday. I'll probably watch it tomorrow. Love it!! Such drama!

After I crashed the first laptop, I started saving EVERYTHING to the cloud. It's a little scary to me but I figure it's at least possible to retrieve it, though where it all sits and who sees it concerns me a little. Between and the sky drive on, everything I have is in the cloud and it made like 150 times easier when I fried my second laptop last month!

Kelly said...

Losing everything in one week sounds incredibly stressful! You might need Yoga, as well as an adult beverage during Downton. :)

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