Thursday, April 22, 2010

The ladies are doing their thing

The caterpillars are certainly doing their thing. On day 2 we noticed that were getting bigger. On day 3 they were all noticeably bigger. (Here's our first observations)

I had the kids do another observation. Bee is recently adding capital letters in words which is frustrating and a problem I thought we were going to avoid.

The ladies started spending a lot of time upside down in J shapes seemingly getting ready.

Day 6 brought the most dramatic changes yet. Four of our 6 caterpillars are now chrysalis. The other two seem to be hanging in J shapes, which means they are heading that way. More recorded observations were needed.

24 hours after the last caterpillar changes, we move them to the net. We are taking them to the nature center on Friday to share with the children, so I hope they will be ready by then. I feel like they might get bumped around less in the net. Then on Monday, it's back to preschool.

Another lady doing her thing is mama bird. The babies were born Tuesday from what I can tell. I thought I saw her feeding them then, but it wasn't until Wednesday that I saw a wobbly baby bird head to confirm it. Their growth is amazing. If these guys are like last falls babies, they will be out of the nest in 2 weeks. You can see here mama birds beak is right down the babies throat. It's hard to see where mama ends and baby begins. I don't know how many little ones there are. Last nest had 2, so we shall see.

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grandma said...

That is so exciting. I had no idea the growth of a butterfly. I have watched baby birds but even though the nest was just outside my kitchen window the mama's would always push them out on Sunday morning while I was at church it seemed to me.

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