Thursday, March 17, 2011

teacher appreciation week- a thank you

Tuesday's teacher appreciation theme was thank you.  We were to write a thank you note.  I did come up with a few cute ideas, but we just ended up writing simple thank you notes. I had already gone over budget for this week's events.  Next year I'll make sure to allow more!

Here's another thank you note though:

I wrote last week about our Dental Health day at preschool and how my dentist came in to speak.  He did a fantastic job with the kids and I wanted to say thanks.   I made up a special book for our classroom about his visit and decided to make one up for him too.  (I'm not sure the pages are in the right order here....)

I went old school and cut out clipart and glued it on.  I knew what clipart I wanted but couldn't find it online anywhere to cut and paste it in.

I tried to white out faces here just for my publishing it here. 

Like all the other class books I have made, I printed on card stock and laminated at home.  I hole punch and use those binder clip rings for the binding.

So far the books have held up really well.  We've had some since the very beginning of the year and they get looked at by little clumsy hands all the time. 

His book had these last pages where the kids and teachers signed.  For the first time since I've had my laminator, this page got wrinkled.

This was signed by the 3 year olds.  Some can write their names. Others not so much.

I took the book into the dentist office on Monday (had a little tooth thing that needed fixed) and the whole office loved it.  I hope it will be something that he keeps out in his office for years.

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Anonymous said...

I'm sure it will mean a great deal to the dentist.

Love Always,


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