Monday, October 31, 2011

What's in my bag

Over at nice girl notes, there is a 'what's in your purse' link up.  Lots of fun friends are sharing pictures of what's inside their purses.  I think it will be evident what our daily activities are by peeking inside.  I took my pictures and here they are.... good grief.  It's in 3 photos. 

buckeye, rubber giraffe, fake vampire teeth, beanie baby tag, hot wheel car, paperclip, saftety pin, binder clip, index cards with a story Bee wrote on them, sunglasses, school key, cell phone, 3 pieces on candy, box of raisins, keys

coffee cozy, empty silly putty egg, Bee's sunglasses, handful of tickets, post it notes, blue pencil grip, acorn, hair band, bobby clips, hotel room key from weeks ago, chapstick, lip stick, sun block, camp out thank you note from May. 

small sewing project, 2 pairs of sewing scissors, Vera wallet, empty snack bag, bandaid, bouncy ball, small rock, zipper bag containing 4 more pairs of kid sunglasses, Joanns coupon, 4 Bionicals cards, 11 assorted pens and pencils and markers, snap happy bag containing ipod shuffle and two sets of headphones.

Not sure how that all fit in there.  As you can see, Lou sees my purse as his personal carrying case for treasures.  I'm guessing not many ladies are carrying vampire teeth, cars, rocks, trading cards, candy and bouncy balls by their own choice.

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Roo {NiceGirlNotes} said...

Oooh, pretty key fob! I totally need one as I'm always losing my keys. Thanks for linking up! :D

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