Thursday, December 31, 2009

a break from recipes- glass etching

I asked for glass etching cream for Christmas and was super excited when I did get it. I think it was on my list last year and I didn't get any. I was a little nervous because the bottle says "warning, may be fatal." nice. It also warns about the fumes, but I didn't smell anything.

So, I (with the help of my sister in law) raided my cabinets and dug up some of my Pyrex glass dishes. I think we did about 6 pieces and then the next day I did 6 more things on my own. The label warns that not all pryex will work. We only had one dud out of about 13 pieces.

We used vinyl letters that were in my scrap booking kit. I know I've had these letters for years. I'm not sure what options are at the stores now, but I would guess there are more choices. Then, painters tape was used for the edges.

The cream must be put on thickly and this particular kind needed five minutes to do its thing.

After washing it off and drying the dish, the etching appears. These pictures do not do them justice. They turned out really cool. I used out last name on a few pieces (my crock pot lid, a 9 x 13- things I often take places). On some other pieces, I used words like delish, yum, food, grub, leftovers, treats, so good, etc.

It was kind of addicting. I kept looking for things to etch. I want to work on hubby's coffee pot, but he has warned me against that.

I have my eyes on a mirror and a vase in the living room, but I think a different font would look better. I'll have to keep my eyes out at the craft shop.


Melissa said...

This looks addicting! Where do you find the etching cream?

grandma said...

Esciting craft. I like having your pyrex that you take out of the house marked. I have mine marked with an A put on the bottom of the dish with nail polish. This is a good improvement.

Beth- the mama bee said...

The etching cream came from Joanns, but I know they sell it at Hobby Lobby too. It's pricey, but if you have a 40% off coupon, it's not too bad.

Carole Davids said...

you can use my cricut to cut some different lettering and in return you will have to show me how to do this! Soo cute!