Thursday, August 19, 2010

a place for your tooth

Don't tell my sister I told you this. She's so cute. She's student teaching kindergarten right now so I called and asked if her classroom teacher had a cute little thing she sent home lost teeth in.

Miss A: what?
Mama Bee: For when the kids loose teeth at school.
Miss A: Kids loose their teeth AT school?
MB: All the time.

There's something about math class that makes kids want to sit and wiggle a tooth. Eventually they pop out. I used to send the tooth home in a snack bag ziplock. I'm classy like that. Bee and I discussed it and came up with some little felt pouches for holding a tooth.

I'm sending some off to her and a few to Bee's kindergarten teacher. This was my hand-sewing project for out trip last weekend. Bee made up about 8 as well. She plans to sell hers. Of course.

They are a fun little size and would make placing your tooth under your pillow easy. It could even hold a shiny golden dollar in the morning.

I think the tooth fairy will like these better than a ziplock, I know I do.


Carole Davids said...

I would like to have seen your sisters face when you told her that. She probably thoughtyou were kidding her. lol

Katherine marie said...

Those are darling!!!

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