Wednesday, August 24, 2011


This glove was in the pile of craft goodies from my great aunt. Front of the glove:


And the back:

Perhaps she had a 6th finger?

Have you ever seen a glove like this?  What purpose would it serve?


jess_hak said... your great aunt into practical jokes....cause it would be hilarious to me to see a great aunt aged lady going about minding her own business wearing a glove with 6 fingers. :)

Sandy said...

Hmmmm is right! I have never seen anything like that before, and can't imagine what you would use it for. Interesting :)

Sparkling said...

was she a scrimper and saver and bought things super cheap and then got it home and saw why it was so cheap and thought maybe she could find a use for it some day? said...

While we don't know where it's from, you could certainly USE it for crafting, like making finger puppets! here's an example:

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