Wednesday, April 28, 2010

grilled vegetables- how did I miss this?

Seriously. How can someone go this long in life and not catch on to this? I don't even know who to blame for my ignorance. Don't get me wrong, we eat a lot of vegetables. But, this whole grilling vegetables is new territory. Hubby got this great gift for his birthday. Its a vegetable or fish grilling dod-dad thing. We had asparagus and summer squash on hand so that's what got grilled.

Seriously, I can't believe this is the first time we've grilled vegetables. The asparagus tasted like popcorn. Bee willingly ate all of hers. The squash tasted like yellow tomatoes. Lou and I fought over the last ones. I ate a lot of them before everyone even made it to the table. Shhhh. We just added a little olive oil and a shake of salt before grilling. Delish.

We did note a problem with the grilling thing. The handle got hot. The wooden part was fine, but good grief, the metal running down the sides got hot. I have a solution on the way.

Yum- made another batch of granola bars. Added walnuts and almonds this time. Used homemade peanut butter instead of store bought. I think we liked them better than last time.

Does anyone have vegetable grilling ideas or tips? I'm trying zucchini and green beans tomorrow. What's your favorite?


Amanda A said...

you have to try almond butter. it's phenomenal. and puffed rice--$1/bag at walmart! it makes them a bit lighter and so tasty. thanks for that recipe--it's perfect.

grilling veggies: asparagus is my favorite. and zucchini. and mushrooms. and japanese eggplant. and anything else i can skewer :) next you'll grill some poundcake and top it will grilled peaches that have been coated with sugar. just saying...

Anonymous said...

I grill but not outside. I guess you would just call it baking. I do zucchini by laying it on a cookie sheet then spraying it lightly, turn it a bit to sort of coat and bake it. Easy and so good. I also cut in one inch pieces, boil, then make a cream sauce and put over toast for lunch. Good for you. Grandpa never liked it but his mom and I did.

Rodricano said...

Here in Spain we grill vegetables very often, there are several combinations but I don't know if you can find the same type of greens.
First we always use olive oil, and second better with ¿fat salt? (sea salt but gross)
Try eggplant, zucchini, onions, tomato, red peppers, mushrooms, artichokes...
Everything you imagine, try to grill!!

Amanda Pedro said...

roasted red peppers. you put the pepper on the BBQ whole. Let it get all black. Then take it off and Put it in a paper bag or bowl with a cover so it will sweat. Peel the black skin off. Sometimes it's ok to have a little on if it's stubborn. Slice it into slivers, YUM-O
I love the asparagus also. Toss it in a bowl with some olive oil and salt. yes.

mommyslittlemonkeys said...

We like to put our veggies in foil on the grill sometimes with fish or chicken thrown in and lots of seasonings. :-)

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