Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas presents- how to break your leg

We got two pretty fun gifts this week.  We may break our legs!    (also- take note.... it's soooo not a white Christmas!  We aren't even wearing jackets this day!)

Yeah, so, you get inside this ball...  then we roll it down the hill. 

There is room for two, but other than me with one of the kids, we've decided it's an accident waiting to happen. 

We have the perfect hill in our back yard for this.  It's great for sledding, and now for big ball rolling.

This is the best present and best part is that it's mine.  My in-laws got me a tightrope!  It's really a slackline, which I have since learned is a hobby of sorts of the skate board, hacky sack crowd.  There are competitions for tricks and professional people. 

The first day I walked two steps max without falling.  By the third day I could go 8.  Maybe next summer I'll be doing tricks!  Probably not.  It goes in our front yard and is about 2 feet off the ground.  The kids are using sticks like ski poles, but I'm trying to do it without.  Just about every day we've been out with it a car of high school boys has pulled over and asked about it and wanted to try it out.  Who knew?  I should have gotten one of these in high school!

I might break my leg, but this is a fun gift!

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