Monday, December 26, 2011

snowflakes with 6 points

I mentioned making 6 pointed snowflakes the other day. Here's a bit more about that. You may become addicted and just want to cut and cut and cut snowflakes all day though.  Fair warning.

We used origami paper because it's already square and is a very thin paper. We tried other paper with some luck, but origami paper worked the best. Scrapbook paper was a little too thick. Copy paper seemed the next best thing to origami paper.

Here we go.  1.  Start with a square piece of paper.  (I did step 2 before I took a photo, so it has a crease already- ignore)

2.  Fold in half on the diagonal, one corner to the opposite.  Crease.

3.  Bring the two bottom corners up and together.  Don't crease.

4.  Hold those two corners together.

5.  Crease the bottom, just to mark half way. Unfold back to the triangle.

6.  You are folding it into thirds now.  Using the little crease that marked half way along the bottom edge, bring one corner up.  Fold and Crease.

7.  Bring the other point across and fold and crease as well. 

 8. You may need to go back and adjust the first wing-like fold over to get these two folds equal.

9.  Now fold this shape in half again. 

10.  Crease.

11.  Cut off those uneven tails.

12.  make cuts in the folded shape. unfold. 

13.  make a mess.

14.  decorate your house.

We found that if you cut low on one edge and higher on the other, it created a flake with higher 6 points and 6 lower point; a more defined snowflake.

15.  Repeat


Kelly said...

We got one of those in our Christmas box, and it went right on the tree, we loved it so much!

Sparkling said...

One year, we had to go back to school the Thursday after New Year's. What a mean district, making us go Thursday and Friday taht week! Our principal must have been high when she suggested that we deal with these 2 days but not having regular classes but by having "snow days". Needless to say, it was a bomb, but we had a ka-jillion snow flakes from one end of the school to the other.

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