Thursday, December 22, 2011

Christmas treats

Here are a couple of Christmas treats that we've made and/or consumed recently.  I saw the cutest reindeer snacks on pinterest but the link wasn't one you could follow back so I didn't really know how they were made, except that they are nutter butter cookies dipped in chocolate. 

There were all kinds of difficulties because the pretzel antlers and the sticks didn't allow the nutter butters to go back together enough to hold them in a sandwich.  They were a little messy, but a chocolate mess is never a bad mess.

The eyes are white chocolate chips with a little dot of chocolate on the tips.  The noses are red m&ms. 

I put them in the fridge for the night.  When I pulled them off the tray the next morning, they fell apart.  The sandwiches fell apart and the antlers broke.  The sticks fell out and they were a mess.  I made 30 or so and got about 18 that were half way presentable, mostly because they were near others that looked alright.

I took the reindeer to Lou's class Christmas party.  A mom brought these pretty cake balls to my room's party.  They have candy cane sticks and crushed candy canes on the tops.  They were prettier than my reindeer for sure.

This is the snack we brought to Lou's leader day.  It doesn't fit the normal 'healthy' standards that they like to have for preschool snack, but it was the last day before break and it does involve a fruit.  They are little strawberry Santa hats.  I saw them on Sweet Tooth via pinterest.  They used brownies but we went with store bought chocolate chip cookies.  The white is just cool whip. 

Lou's teacher brought these adorable chocolate covered cherry mice to our teacher Christmas party.  I brought Lou and Bee home one each in a little cup.  One mouse lost his nose and the other has a chipped ear.  They were tasty just the same.  Don't tell anyone, but the kids ate them for breakfast.

My students sent me home with a few tins of Christmas goodies.  I'm all set with the sweets this year.  I think I'm going to need to be a little more conscientiousness about my sweets next year.  Lets wait until next year.

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