Sunday, December 18, 2011

farm day

Last weekend was a farm day.  We got to go out to the farm where we get our meat and get to know the animals.  Or get to know dinner. 

Bee seems over her vegetarian-ism, unless she doesn't like dinner.  Regardless, I think it's important they know where our food comes from- other than the grocery store.  

At the farmers market, there is a stand that's sponsored by some farmers council or something.  They have a spinner that kids can spin and each slot has a picture of some item that comes from a farm.  The kids have to explain the farm connection.  Bee can explain all of the pictures!  For example, one is pizza.  She told them pizza is made from dough that is made from flour.  Flour comes from wheat, which grows in a farmers field.  She also told them that the sauce is made from tomatoes that we grow in the garden, but she prefers sauce from a jar.

It was a nice cool day, but we wore our long underwear and bundled up.  We all even felt warm enough to go on a nice long hike.

It was so good for Lou to get out and move around.  He's been inside a lot lately, but he really needs to be out.

Bee and Lou tried to pet each animal.  The sheep dog and the sows were the only animals wanting some attention.  The animals are all free range (except the sheepdog- which we all think is funny) so they come and go as they please.

The sheep did not want to be pet.

But the friendly pig wanted to play.  We suggested that she find a smart little spider and make friends right away. 

The kids really wanted to hold a baby pig.  I told them they could try but I didn't think they would not have any luck.  They did not.

 The mama pigs are very used to people since they were bottle fed as babies (their mama had died), but their babies had a natural slight fear of people.   I wouldn't want two running kids to hold me either.

We ended our visit in the hen house.  Bee and Lou love gathering eggs.  It's like a little treasure hunt for them. A dirty little stinky treasure hunt. 

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