Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Christmas program and Santa

Just a post for the grandparents mostly.  Lou had his Christmas program last week.  His little preschool class sang two songs together and then all of our classes sang one together.  He practiced and practiced at home and despite his normal shyness, he sang and did the signs.

He even wore his Christmas sweater for me (and for the $1 bribe!). 

Let's see if this video works:


We also went to visit Santa last week.  We don't "do" Santa at our house, but we do go visit for the fun program that they put together at the library.  Plus, this Santa is the nicest Santa ever. He is so kind to the children and sings and tells stories and reads and then takes lots of time with each visiting kiddo.  The last two years we have been, he has read a Jan Brett book, Twas the Night Before Christmas.  Last year, we stayed after and talked to him about his program and how much we enjoyed it and such.  He and hubby talked for 15 minutes about books and such.  We had just seen Jan Brett maybe the month before and had one extra signed book plate.  We decided that we'd save it for him and take it this year.

It was a long time to wait, but we did remember to bring it this year and he was thrilled.  He said he doesn't often get on anyone's Christmas list. He was so appreciative. 

He put it right into his book. 

Bee asked before hand if we would tell him that we 'didn't do Santa' and we decided that it wouldn't be kind of us and we should play along.  She told him she wanted a fish tank.  Full of water and fish.  He seemed surprised and said he didn't know how it would travel on the sled, but he would see what he could do.   He looked to me to see how to proceed.

Santa doesn't know that there is a full of water and full of fish- fish tank in my sewing room closet ready to go.  I can't wait to give it to her, there are a bunch of ghost shrimp in the bottom of the tank and a couple pregnant guppy mamas ready to give birth. 

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Love today's post... even if I'm not a grandparent :)

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