Tuesday, December 13, 2011

new to me abc phonic song

I just wanted to tell you about a phonics song that I downloaded last week that I LOVE!  I stumbled on AJ Jenkins downloadable Mp3s here at KidsTV123.  The songs are just a few dollars and totally worth it if you have little people learning letter sounds.  I have been working on letter sounds with Lou pretty hard since the summer and it's just been with the singing of these phonic songs that he's gotten it all of a sudden. 

I made up some visuals to go with the song I like best.  It is a simple song that says, A is for apple, /a/ /a/ apple, then goes on to the next letter and sound.  The cards just add a visual element to reinforce letter recognition.  I played it for my preschoolers and they too were able to sing along with my cards after the first few letters.  Lou and Bee have both been requesting this song at home and Lou is able to tell me the sounds when he and I sing it without the music.  I am going to be playing this song a lot more at preschool. Maybe everyday.

(This is not an official endorsement.  I got no cool deal from them, I just love the songs)


Heather W said...

I just ordered this song too- is there any way I could have a copy of the cards you made. My email is woodruff.heather@gmail.com

Heather W said...

I also just purchased this song and it is great. I am homeschooling my daughter and was wondering if you might be able to let me use the images you created for this song. My email is woodruff.heather@gmail.com. Thanks so much!

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